Who doesn't love pizza. There's a reason that there are so many pizza restaurants in Maine, and every other state.  And also why when you walk down the frozen food aisle next time at the grocery store, take a look at how many pizzas there are.  Door after door, top to bottom, nothing but pizza.

This week check with your favorite pizza place, there's probably specials and special pricing. How many pizzas can one person have in one week?   One of the rare foods you can eat everyday, and not get tired of it.

What's on your pizza.  Most popular topping is pepperoni.

Joe Raedle, Getty Images

Or pepperoni with sausage.  Or sausage without the pepperoni.  Those looks like mushrooms too.  And mushrooms are very popular on pizza.

Pizza Hut / Facebook

Then there's people like me.  I love a pizza with a whole lotta vegetables.

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I love spinach pizza, although I don't remember ever eating a frozen pizza.


And the topping that sometimes will start a fight. Ham and pineapple. It's not enough that some don't like that on pizza, but they have to 'call out' those that do.  Like there's not enough other things that we can strongly disagree with someone about?  For the record. I love pineapple. But when they're heated, they're not my favorite.

On top of a pizza, all covered in cheese. Sing that song this week, and enjoy the treat.

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