I was in a store earlier this week, I won't say which one because they're just doing their job... But I noticed a huge display of Halloween candy. Decorations, spooky characters, the whole nine yards. And it's not like I got mad, but I certainly rolled my eyes and said, "Really?!?!" way too loud.

I mean, it's the middle of August. Is there really someone out there who's gonna start buying all their Halloween candy now? We all know the best deals on candy are the day after Halloween. Not two months before. It doesn't even make shopping sense. It's like... Hey! Let's ruin the last gasps of summer, by putting out all the Halloween stuff! Brilliant plan, bucko.

So I was curious how you guys felt about it, and put up a Facebook poll yesterday to find out. 76% of you completely agreed with me. I knew it would never reach 100%, because I know there's a bunch of Halloween nuts out there, haha. Some folks also pointed out that some spots have also started the dreaded pumpkin spice. I even saw pumpkin beer. D'oh!

To me, this is just the fast track to Christmas stuff. Ugh. Kids haven't even gotten their winter coats out yet, and we start seeing Christmas stuff. And maybe that's why I get so cranky seeing fall stuff in summer. It's just the nail in the coffin of summer. Ugh, that sentence has a Halloween theme, and now I hate myself.

Oh well, if anyone needs me, I'll just be in the back room destroying a bag of candy corn.

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