I was rolling through Facebook when I came across this post:

Okay, not so fast.

You know what day it is, right?  Yes, it's Easter but, I mean, the other important day that it is... take a look at your calendar.

Okay, let's continue.

Clicking the link takes you to the super-legitimate King 4 Maine 2018 website.   It is a simple website with a message asking for your thoughts on whether Mr. King should run for the Governor of Maine in 2018:

After years of criticizing Governor Paul LePage, Stephen is considering making a run for Governor in 2018. Friends and fans alike have been telling him that he could do the job better. He has taken that encouragement to heart and decided to test the waters, but would like your input.

Do you think Stephen King should run for Governor of the State of Maine in 2018? Check out the campaign video below and send some feedback!

A simple form appears below asking for your name, your email and paragraph area for your thoughts and feedback on this proposition.  Oh, yeah, there's one more field- asking you to answer a simple math equation.

What is most important is to follow the instructions- watch the video than give your thoughts.  The video is key.  It won't let you down.  Promise.

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