A local videographer took to the trails of Acadia National Park on Wednesday to record the ocean during a huge rain and windstorm, and the result is awesomely scary.

Who Shot the Video?

Michael Newman's YouTube channel is called 'Hello, Newman' and has a variety of offerings, but it was the storm video that caught my attention. I'm amazed that anyone went out in that storm to take video of the ocean but I respect his efforts and am impressed by his finished product. The 21 minute video is impressive and frightening. I actually found my stomach knotting up at times as my subconscious was urging him to move along before he got swept out to sea.

What Are the Landmarks He Captured?

It was taken as Newman walked along the Ocean Path on Acadia's Park Loop Road. Waves crashed on the rocks and, sometimes, up over the path where Newman was walking. At 14:06, you can see Thunder Hole, which is completely under water, including the observation area. If the 'hole' was thundering, you couldn't hear it over the ocean and the wind. I'm not sure, at 18:28, where the stairs are that he stops at, but make sure your speakers are on. You can hear Michael saying 'I had NO idea,' and "Back up!' because the waves are crashing almost up to where he's standing.


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Is the Historic Shipwreck Debris in the Video?

At about 20:27 into the video, he arrives at Sand Beach, where you can just barely catch a glimpse of the sand through the waves, as they recede. And don't miss the shot of Sand Beach at 20:37, where you see a quick shot of a sailing schooner that was exposed as sand was washed out to see. The ship known as 'The Tay' crashed on the rocks in 1911 and has been mostly buried since then. While pieces of the wreckage, that was buried beneath the beach, were occasionally visible, the storm on January 10th, 2024 exposed a large portion of it.

I tip my amateur photographer's hat to Mr. Newman for capturing the awesome power of the Atlantic and for braving the wind and rain.

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