Kids can do some indoor Trunk or Treating at the Anah Shrine building in Bangor this week.

Anyone who grew up in Maine can tell you that dressing for Halloween was always challenging. We were so proud of our costumes until our Moms told us to put on a coat before going out. What?! No one will see the costume! But Moms didn't care. They just wanted you to be warm enough.

Same goes for being a parent on Halloween in Maine. Walking your little Trick or Treaters around is fun, but really cold. After a few houses, Moms and Dads are ready to go home and warm up with a toddy. So the Anah Shriners have the right idea with this Friday's Trunk or Treat event.

Instead of lining cars up outside, with decorated trunks, participants are inside the huge Anah Shrine building on Outer Broadway, with decorated booths. It works like every other Trunk or Treat, with kids in costumes going from booth to booth, collecting candy and checking out all the cool decorations. But, at this event, they can shed the coats and show off their best Spiderman, Paw Patrol, or Doc McStuffin costumes.

The Anah Shrine Trunk or Treat night will be held this Friday, from 6 to 8 p.m. at their building, 1404 Broadway in Bangor. Admission is by donation.

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