This week, we celebrate another Veterans Day, a public federal holiday dedicated to those that have served the United States and those that have fought and passed from wars.

The holiday took shape when World War I ended on November 11, 1918, and actually replaced the existing holiday of Armistice Day in 1954.

Why Are Porchlights Green?

It is this week that we will see porch lights be switched out or perhaps be more aware of the green porch lights that light up our neighbors' houses. Its purpose is a way to give a "thank you" to specific veterans who may pass by your home. It may even give a passing veteran hope and feel supported.

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Honoring Discharged Vets From Your Porch

These green lights started in 2013 with the launch of the 'Greenlight a Vet Campaign' where people would change out their porch light or outside front door light to a green light. This color light is a visual sign that honors veterans that have been honorably discharged after returning home from service.

These green porch lights are a way to show your support and appreciation for those honorably discharged U.S. veterans. It's a simple gesture that anyone could do but one simple gesture that could mean quite a bit to a veteran who may have struggled or continues to struggle with their discharge.

A Sign of Renewal and Hope

The campaign chose green to represent renewal and hope. It's not a typical porch light color and would definitely get some attention from passersby. Anything we can do to show our support and appreciation for veterans any week of the year is always worth the time and energy spent showing it.

Thank you for the service from our servicemen and women past and present and put a green bulb in your porch light to show your appreciation this Veteran's Day.

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