Moxie is arguably one of the greatest branded items in all of the history of this state. So it may come as a shock to a lot of people to hear that Moxie is being acquired by Coca Cola. A move that will undoubtedly stir up as much controversy as the very taste of Moxie itself. News of the sale came out just today.

It is currently owned by Coca Cola New England, which is an independent offshoot of the national brand, located in Bedford, New Hampshire. The parent company has seen the long standing success of Moxie, and intends not only to preserve great heritage it has throughout New England, but is also looking to bring it to a wider audience, according to a story in the Portland Press Herald.

Lauren Thompson from Coca Cola had this to say about the sale:

Moxie is a great brand with a great heritage. Coca-Cola Northern New England has been a strong steward of the brand over the last decade and we take seriously our responsibility to ensure it stays true to its Northeastern roots.

As Mainers, I think we can all agree that the real important thing to us, is that Moxie doesn't change. As long as Coca Cola doesn't mess around with the flavor, most Mainers will deal with it, with most not noticing any change at all. Naturally, there will be a certain subset of folks who are convinced it's not the same, even if they literally change nothing.

In theory, we should be all good, as they're still going to bottle it in the same location in Bedford, NH as it has been for the last several years. I think we all just need to cross our fingers tight, and hope the corporate overlords don't mess with a good thing. That would be the worst tragedy of all, is if Moxie wasn't Moxie anymore.

So maybe it's time to buy up a few cases and stock up just in case. In my humble opinion, this is a dang near Y2K moment for me. Fear of change will likely make me bulk up and pray a bit. But, the good thing we all know, is that there's nothing out there like it. And that's what makes it awesome.


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