The Coast Guard says ice shacks need to be removed from the ice on the Kennebec River today.

Ice cutters will be heading up the Kennebec River tomorrow, so all the ice shacks still on the ice need to be retrieved. Officials say the warmer temperatures haven't had much effect on the very dense ice, and so four tugs will begin making their way up the Kennebec on Wednesday.

Courtesy of Josh Butera
Courtesy of Josh Butera

Once they complete that job, the cutters will be headed to the Penobscot River and heading toward Bangor. Any ice fishing shacks still on the Penobscot will need to be removed as safely as possible in the next couple of days before the tugs arrive.

The Maine Emergency Management Agency submitted an ice breaking request to the Coast Guard for both rivers to reduce the risk of flooding as snow and river ice melts with the expected warming trend.

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