It seems to be a bit early in the year to be talking too much about slippery roads, but believe it or not, Fall presents its own issues when driving a car, or especially a motorcycle. As you might imagine, as we get deeper into fall and the temps really start to drop, black ice is always a hazard to keep your eyes peeled for. But, during this time, there's also a lot of danger from dead leaves falling on the roadways.

If there's a bunch of dead leaves on the ground, and they get wet, it can cause some pretty dangerous conditions, according to the Maine Bureau of Highway Safety. Especially if you're taking a sharp corner. The wet leaves can become extremely slippery and send you flying in a direction that you don't want to be going in.

They also link out to this article from with some important Fall driving tips. It's easy to dismiss road conditions this time of year, because we cocky Mainers think we are masters of the road ways, especially in bad weather. Lord knows we all kinda chuckle when we see other parts of the country flipping out about the snowy roads.

So definitely take a few extra minutes as you're going through your travels this fall. Lord knows, there's so many things to watch out for. deer, moose, and even those pesky squirrels that seem to be taking over the universe. But nobody ever suffered more, because they took a little extra time to be safe. So look out, and drive safe!

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