Last week, I wrote this piece about Maine Coast Sea Vegetables putting their smoked dulse (seaweed) into the corn chowder at Ellsworth Middle School. Evidently, the company's owner, Shep Erhart, is a big fan of ice boating. And this video his daughter put up on Facebook is so cool!

Now, I'm afraid of danger and pain, so you are not likely to see me doing anything as remotely fun as this, but I love the idea. Who wouldn't want to fly around a lake at high speed, with the wind at your back, and the sun on your face?!

The video was filmed on Georges Pond in the Hancock/Franklin area, and obviously in a spot that gets plenty of wind. Not just because it's pushing the boat across the ice, but look at how crystal-clear the ice is!

Again, it looks way too fun for a big, giant wuss like me, but I definitely enjoy watching the high-speed merriment from the comfort, warmth, and relative bodily safety of my desk here at work. Is this something you'd ever do?

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