I really have to say...2018 might be the year that has surprised me the most in a long time. I'm generally kind of a grouchy curmudgeon, though I really try hard not to make that anyone else's problem. Except my poor wife. That poor woman has to deal with me on a day-to-day basis, and handles it like a champ.

But, I started this year with the greatest gift of all so far, which was to finally start working here at Townsquare Media full-time. I'd been here for a few years at that point, as a part-timer, filling in the holes in the schedule wherever necessary. So far, as a full-timer, I've discovered how much I enjoy writing, and how much I get to be creative during my work day.

It's not lost on me in any way, that I pretty much have the coolest, funnest job in the world. But since I'm such a Negative Nelly, I assume the bottom is going to fall out of the whole thing at any moment. But I have amazing co-workers who also seem to have as much fun as I do, and it makes it awesome to drive in the driveway every morning.

Also, you may recall that last week, my wife and I casually put our house up for sale. Not really even anticipating that we would actually sell it so quickly. But wouldn't you know... We got an offer we couldn't refuse, a mere 48 hours into the process. So, it brought on imminent fears of being a 40-something year old couch surfer. But no worries, I'm just gonna move back in with my mom instead. Ha!

But as of this weekend, it looks like we will be able to close on a new house just after New Year's. Crazy right?! My wife and I got married and bought our first house in the same year, but that doesn't hold a candle to how insane it feels when you sell one house and buy another inside of 10 days. It's extremely surreal.

And you know....there's been a host of little things too that are to numerous to mention, but not appreciated any less by me. It's just made for a great year, that I am sorry to see end in a lot of ways. But that's life. Next year will have all of it's own wins and losses, but I will look back fondly on 2018, and never take for granted what a great year it was.

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