I was driving home from my mom's a couple nights ago, and I got off the highway at the Carmel/Winterport exit. I had the windows down a bit, and was cranking some tunes, and I heard the sound of rain on my windshield. I thought this to be particularly odd, since there didn't appear to be even a single cloud in the sky.

This went on for literally, probably 15 seconds. And then I hit the wipers, to clear some of the water off. Only to watch the "rain" start to smear yellow crud all over my window. That's when it became very clear to me, that it wasn't the soothing sounds of a late spring rain hitting my windshield. It was the soothing sounds of bugs dying.

Even now, I couldn't identify what they were. It wasn't as big and juicy as a June Bug, but was much bigger than mosquitoes or black flies. But they were swarming something fierce. I mean, seriously, they were swarming thick enough for me to think it was rain hitting my windshield for 15 seconds straight. My bumper looks like a winged insect graveyard. Insert throw-up emoji here.

Photo: J Stew
Photo: J Stew

So while this may remain a Nancy Drew Mystery, it is what it is.... Just another weird anomaly in my brand new experiences as a person living in the country. And hey, none got in my mouth, so... Score!

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