The Camden Police Department posted a warning on Facebook to Camden residents that a Ball Python was roaming the streets of Camden. Apparently, it became loose after escaping its enclosure.

The Camden Police also noted that this snake wasn't a little snake. We're talking 4-feet to 5-feet long.  Yikes!

The Camden PD Facebook post said the following:

Good morning all, the PD this morning wants to make everyone aware that a ball python has gotten out of its enclosure and is most likely roaming the area on Sea Street. The photo below is a couple years old and show Chief after it was picked up at that time. If you catch a view of the snake please call Knox Communications, 236-3030, and make them aware.
The snake now is approximately 4-5 feet in length.

According to Reptile Magazine, the Ball Python eats rodents and generally a shy snake that hides a lot. But, if you spot the python, leave it to the professionals because, pythons don't like strangers and might bite you.

Give Knox Communications a call if you spot the python at 236-3030.

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