Halloween is a lot of fun for people, but can be pretty scary, and even dangerous for your pets. We have a few tips about how to keep them happy and safe.

Animal Costumes: Okay, one of my biggest pet peeves is people who dress their pets up in costume. If the animal is digging it, then that's cool. But, according to the folks at Green Acres Kennel Shop, most animals hate it. They're not used to wearing itchy, tight, confining clothes, and would much rather just wear their favorite collar or harness.

Human Costumes: People in costumes are freaky to dogs and cats. They don't know what Halloween is or why the house is suddenly full of people in elaborate make-up or masks. It can be a really scary thing for them. So, during your Halloween party or as trick-or-treaters come to your door, keep the animals in a quiet room, behind a closed door, with their favorite chew toys or beds. They'll be content and won't be at all sad that they missed the celebration. This will also keep your animals from bolting out the door, when they get scared.

Doorbells: Does your dog bark every time the doorbell rings? Of course they do. So, it's a good idea to either unhook your doorbell on October 31st, or hang out near your open door so kids don't have to ring or knock. It will be a much more relaxing night for the animals.

Candy: Keeping pets away from candy is an important thing to remember for Halloween. If you're having a party, keeping the pets in a quiet room will eliminate the temptation for each party-goer to give the animal 'just one' piece of chocolate. Even if they don't have a toxic amount of candy, it could still make them sick. And, if you want them around when the kids are unpacking their Halloween haul, just have some of their favorite pet-friendly treats around, so they can safely join in the fun.

Trick or Treating: Combining your dog's nightly walk with taking your kids trick-or-treating is probably not a good idea. Again, all the costumes may frighten the animal, or they may get overly excited by all the kids running around. Then there's the possibility of running into other dogs, in an equally excited or agitated state. The best place for your dogs and cats is in that quiet room, with a chew toy and/or a comfy bed. All in all, they'll be a lot happier.

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