Don't get me wrong, the youngster in my mind loves the idea of blowing things up. Not to the level of junior pyro, but I love fireworks, firecrackers, and sparklers as much as the next guy. What would the 4th of July be without them? My family always headed down for the big town display, and never really got much into setting them off at home.

To be honest, with good reason. I'm not out to spoil anyone's good time at all. If you and your family are using the utmost care in handling them, more power to you. But recent data suggests that not remotely the case for a staggering number of people, according to the BDN.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission, says that on average, 280 people a day visit ER's all over the country for fireworks related injuries. In 2018, over 9000 people were treated for burns, blindness, injuries to the hands, legs, fingers, face, etc, with two-thirds of them right around the 4th.

Even the little things like sparklers.... They can burn at 2000+ degrees. That could melt some metals. So sending a three year old running around with one could be potentially dangerous. Again, I'm not trying to spoil anyone's holiday, but common sense should always prevail.

The most important part is just to be safe. The only person that can really control how safe you are is you. So instead of completely indulging your inner-child like I'd like to, channel your inner parent instead. It might help you keep your fingers!

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