Well, tomorrow is Valentine's Day, and I don't particularly care. Not in a bad way, but I've been married a bunch of years, and my wife is awesome in every way. To the point where I generally refer to her as my human credibility. That said, we've been together a long time, and don't really care about hitting the big day every year.

But I know a lot of folks probably dread V-Day when they're single. And let's be honest, half the time, the biggest hurdle of meeting someone is finding the time. And then when you do, it takes a couple dates to really get to know each other enough to find out what sort of common interests that you have.

I see that in Wisconsin, from what I was reading via NPR, one ski resort has figured out how to kill two love birds with one stone.... Ski-lift speed dating. I felt like I'd been smacked in the head wicked hard with a stick made out of pure inspiration! We have tons of ski mountains here in Maine, and population that is declining slowly as our older population succumbs to the universe, and young people are moving away.

What a way to keep people here! You're already skiing... you've been eyeballig the hottie of your choice all day anyway... What if you could hop on a lift with them for five minutes or whatever, and find out something about them. If you can't stand them? No problem! Ski away as fast as you can, and never talk to them again. Or if you hit it off, get married on the lift you met on!

This is pure genius. So Maine ski mountains should take notice. Because really, as this point, those chair lifts may be the only thing that can save the future of Maine!

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