Joey Chestnut’s answer is ‘only’ 63. His record is 76, but 63 still won him the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. Again.

My answer is zero. Most people are somewhere in between the two answers.

Sorry to be a party pooper, but there was a time I ate a lot of hot dogs and they were just one of the things that got phased out over the years.

No problem with dogs.  As a matter of fact, maybe it’s time for a trip to The Family Dog in Orono soon.  Nothing like a red snapper.

W.A. Bean and Sons via Facebook
W.A. Bean and Sons via Facebook

Americans eat about 7 billion hot dogs between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Every year.  Millions were eating over the past Independence Day weekend.

Not millions of red snappers either. Depending upon which state you are in, it might be a different version of the hot dog.

For example, Chicago Hot Dogs are most popular in Texas and Wisconsin and Indiana and Ohio, but not in Illinois.  That’s odd.

Chicago hot dog classic style in a white cardboard box on dark background
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Chili dogs are number one in about a dozen different states.

And there are also hot dogs you may not have even heard of, like Korean Hot Dogs, Mexican Hot Dogs, Columbian Hot Dogs, and Italian Hot Dogs.

Hold on.  It’s not like I studied hot dogs in college.  Just ate a lot of them.  Who has heard of all the varieties of hot dogs?

Did I mention Vegan Dogs? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose? Just asking.

And yes it had to happen. A brewery in Fort Worth Texas is using leftover hot dog water and using that water to make hard seltzer.  So soon, there will be beer, or actually hard seltzer, that tastes like hot dogs.

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