For the first time in history, Hindsight actually IS 2020.

Let’s put last year behind us, and look forward smartly. “How can I face tomorrow, When yesterday is all I see?” Actually those are song lyrics written by song was written by Harvey Fuqua, Johnny Bristol, Pam Sawyer, and James Roach. My Whole World Ended (The Moment You Left Me). But they apply to more than just getting dumped by somebody. We do need to look forward with good thoughts in mind. Cautiously Optimistic. Proceeding safely, and smartly. Maybe trusting science a little more than we already do, and more than believing what somebody opined about on social media. More fact-based thinking in the future. But then again, isn’t hope based on belief not fact. Okay I just discovered a New Year’s Resolution for myself. Leave the philosophy to the wiser more educated.

I had Christmas dinner in an igloo, different right, but if I see it as another story to tell, another experience, then isn’t that being optimistic.

Speaking of resolutions, as per usual the number one resolution Americans make is to lose weight in the New Year. Yes, got to shed that Covid-15.

4th day of the year, and a lot of resolutions have been broken. Easy. It’s how you look at things. I will quit eating sweets is a statement lots would make. That’s a pretty tall order and it’ll fester in your brain, tempting you to crave some alone time so you can eat that tin of cookies you hid from the family. How about rephrasing your resolution. I will start to cut back on needless extra sugar in my diet. I’ll replace those cookies with something more healthy like fruit. You might be more likely to succeed.

You’re welcome. Happy New Year.

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