If you live in the Bangor-Brewer area you probably know all about High Tide on the river in Brewer.

Soon when you travel down Route 1 to Rockland and you are looking for lunch or dinner, you’ll be able to eat at High Tide Restaurant.

They will be opening at 275 Main Street in Rockland in the former location of Time Out Pub. The location is at Public Landing Road.

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The menu if it is anything like the Brewer High Tide (and why wouldn’t it be) will be various lobster dishes, along with other seafood. Plus, burgers and numerous salads.

Time Out Pub closed permanently in 2020 after the Covid pandemic put a hurting on many bars and restaurants throughout Maine, and around the country.

High Tide is already recruiting for jobs at their soon-to-be Rockland location, including line cooks, hosts, servers, dishwashers, and more via Indeed. The process is underway with good response to date, so if you’re considering applying, don’t wait.

John Mason, Manager at High Tide Brewer said that:

The restaurant is ready to go. All that remains is the health inspection and the city of Rockland inspection.

And High Tide Rockland expects to open by Mid-August.

Here are photos, pre-renovation, of the former Time Out Pub and soon-to-be new High Tide Rockland.

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