When I came across this news, the level of excitement I experienced was comparable to that of Cleveland when LeBron announced that he was coming home. Seriously, I am not overreacting.

Dunkin’ announced that they are bringing back their beloved Butter Pecan Swirl flavor permanently in honor of National Pecan Day last Friday. Starting on April 26th, folks can enjoy the flavor all year round in Dunkin’ restaurants across the United States, but especially here in New England. I can throw a rock in any direction, and it’ll most likely hit a Dunkin’.

Since its initial launch in 2013, the Butter Pecan Swirl has gained a considerable following and has become a highly anticipated seasonal delicacy among Dunkin’ enthusiasts. This delectable flavor boasts a delectable blend of sweet cream and buttery pecan roast notes that can be enjoyed in a variety of beverages, including hot or iced coffee, espresso drinks, cold brew, frozen coffee, or frozen chocolate.

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Butter Pecan is Dunkin’s second most requested flavor, just behind the popular Pumpkin flavor. According to Jill McVicar Nelson, Dunkin's Chief Marketing Officer, the requests from guests and Dunkin’ team members to make this Swirl a regular menu item have been overwhelming. “We’re thrilled to finally grant their wish, making this a permanent delight for Dunkin’ fans to savor all year long,” said Nelson in a press release Friday.

In addition to the Butter Pecan Swirl, Dunkin’ is also planning a few extra surprises for customers this month. While the company hasn’t released any details yet, fans are eagerly awaiting more pecan-inspired treats from the brand.

To me, Butter Pecan Swirl has always signaled the beginning of Summer here in Maine. With April 26th already marked on my calendar, I can hardly contain my excitement for a Summer that will now seem endless.

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