If you read that headline all by itself, it's impressive. But when you dig a little deeper, you learn that Hermon 8th grader, Morgan LaRochelle, not only did herself a favor, but she might have done a favor for the whole world.

Last year, Morgan was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. For most people it would be devastating news that would send them in a small tailspin of navigating an entirely new lifestyle. But Morgan, as part of a science class assignment, decided to channel that energy into helping herself and others.

One thing sufferers of type 1 diabetes have to deal with on a daily basis, is checking the blood glucose levels. The dispenser that the test strips come in require you to sanitize your hands and fingers every single time you use it, which isn't always practical. So Morgan invented a different kind of dispenser that only requires you make sure your hands are clean when loading the dispenser.

Morgan explained it this way to NewsCenterMaine.com:

There have been times when I don't have an alcohol swab on me or a place to wash my hands. With my invention, you don't have to worry about having clean hands more than once.

Pretty smart cookie right? Her dispenser got her a lot of attention at the state Invention Convention, and she was asked to represent Maine at the national convention. There, Morgan came in 2nd place overall!

Morgan and her parents are seeking out a patent for her new invention. So you never know, a 13 year old Hermon girl's invention may just help revolutionize the way diabetes is tested. You go girl!!!

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