Well here we are. Halloween weekend. Boo.  With so many ‘normal’ Halloween events set aside, thanks to ‘Rona, at least there are some family events to attend that sound like fun.  Car decorating contest here.  Pumpkin Catapult. And other events in and around the area.

Not sure the Q106.5 staff will be going door to door so if you don’t see us, here’s a look at our masks

Pretty scary.

It sure is a busy weekend coming up. First day of Hunting Season. Halloween of course. With the 2nd full moon of the moon, called a Blue Moon, or Hunter’s Moon.  We also turn back the hands of time. Daylight Saving Time becomes Eastern Standard time in the middle of the night Saturday night into Sunday morning. So it’s an extra hour this weekend.  Nice.  That’ll give us an extra hour of time to think about who we’re going to vote for, and if we’re still not sure, we’ll get in the car, drive around looking at signs to help us make up our minds…..said no one ever.

Most parents have put the lid on their kids going door to door, or if they do, only to on average 5 houses.  Or as we used to call that when we were kids, a warm- up. Oh what to do with all that candy I bought.

At my house, I’m picturing me waking up in the middle of the night, on the Lazy-Boy wondering where I am, what day it is, what time it is, and why there are all those Halloween candy wrappers all over me and the immediate floor around me. And no, it’s not a dream. Oops.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween.

Tanaonte, ThinkStock

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