I started seeing a story making the rounds on social media yesterday, about a spot in Solon where some 80 animals of all shapes and sizes were rescued and placed into emergency shelters.

Twelve different shelters from around the state were able to help officials keep the animals while the investigation continues. According to NewsCenterMaine.com, the Bangor Humane Society is one of the shelters that's been able to help out.

Since that announcement, the Humane Society has received numerous calls and messages from some really awesome folks, who were offering to adopt some of the animals. And while their heart is in the right place, the Humane Society said in a Facebook post yesterday, that the animals are not up for adoption at this time.

Currently, they are evidence in the investigation, so releasing them to the public is not an option. Also, some of the critters are in questionable health, and currently need a lot of care. But there is definitely a way you can help...

The Humane Society listed online, the things that they are most in need for, as far as caring for the animals. Here are some of the items needed:

• Dry puppy food (dye-free)
• Canned puppy food
• Dry adult dog food (dye-free)
• Canned dog food
• Dog toys
• Puppy pee pads

And of course, your monetary donation is always greatly appreciated if you can't make it out to get any of these items yourself. At any time, you can donate right here at their website.

It's sad to see animals treated this way. But it's nice to know that shelters like the Bangor Humane Society can help out. And that there's people out there with huge hearts that want to adopt and love these animals. Maybe that will eventually happen, but here's at least one way we can all help.


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