Last week, in a moment of feeling particularly spring-y, I posted about fiddlehead season popping up any time now. We've gotten rid of most of the god-forsaken snow, and soon as temps begin to rise, these delicious little bundled fronds of goodness will be shooting up out of the ground, waiting for us crazy Mainers to come around and scoop them all up.

I didn't really get much into the cooking of them in my piece, more just about the correct way to cook them to be eaten safely. But, then we put it to Facebook because we were curious how you folks cooked these yummy ferns for yourself.

Me? I have a soft spot for the classics. I steam them, and then drizzle them with butter and vinegar, with salt and pepper. I was amazed at all the different ways you guys liked to eat them. Remember, fiddleheads can make you sick if you don't handle them properly. Always cook them for at least ten minutes or so, in some fashion, or else they can make you very nauseous and uncomfortable for hours.

but, let's have a look at some of your favorite ways to eat fiddleheads!

This idea reminds me a bit of cooking collard greens, It sounds delicious.

Or perhaps go a bit off the beaten path, but still headed straight to Yummy Town!

Now, if you added some buffalo sauce to these, I'd have to call you a chef!

And, I gotta say, this guy has the right idea. the whole meal sounds awesome!

You can try it, but cursing fiddleheads doesn't sound as tasty. But who am I to judge?

And lastly, you can't always please everybody, but that's just how the cookie crumbles.

At the end of the day, it's food. So there's always going to be a million different ways to prepare these luscious coils of tastiness. So however you do it is up to you. But I tell you, it's a short season that creeps up on you out of nowhere, and then you blink and they're gone.

So get cookin' and gobblin'. Happy dinner!

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