I tried out for Little League every year when I was a kid. Never once did I make the team. Mostly because I was a chubby little jerk who was really hard to get along with, and rarely showed adults, or kids my own age for that matter, any kind of respect. So honestly, I don't have any awesome memories of playing Little League of my own. I wish I did.

These days, because of my own experiences, I think it's awesome when kids play sports, or do school band, or whatever. Any chance that youngsters get to express themselves and discover new things they love is soooo important. So despite all my sad memories, I would help out anyone I could in a second. And now here's your chance.

To stay compliant with new rules put in place by USA Baseball, Millinocket Little League needs new bats for all three of their programs in Millinocket, East Millinocket, and Medway. Currently, all of their inventory does not meet the new rules, and the League is raising money for all new bats. They're looking to pull together $2500 to cover the cost for all three programs.

If you would like to help them out, you can go to the Katahdin Now website, and there is a pledge page right there where you can make your donation. There is also more than one way to donate, with all that information available at the same web page. You'll feel wicked good if you do. Helping kids is what being an adult is all about right?

And don't let my sad tale of woe discourage you from helping them out. That same story is what makes me wanna empty my bank account right now and buy all the bats myself! You have the power to help change a kid's entire summer, maybe even their entire life. You just never know. But it'll definitely be the first home run of the season!

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