Once again this year, Green Acres Kennel Shop is raising money for the Eastern Area on Aging’s Furry Friends Food Bank. The food bank is raising funds which will go toward helping low income seniors keep their pets. Remembering that those pets provide companionship to seniors, who often live alone. In lots of cases the pet is the only living being seniors see on a daily basis and that contact is so important for their mental wellbeing.

The goal is to raise $5,000, which Green Acres Kennel Shop will use to buy food at reduced prices through their suppliers.

Any amount you donate helps, and that fact that Green Acres Kennel Shop can buy product cheaper is a bonus. You’re helping seniors, and you’re helping their pets too. Win. Win.

If you’d rather donate in person, Green Acres Kennel Shop is at 1653 Union Street in Bangor.

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