One strange occurrence in a Maine town over the weekend is making one police department give us all the creeps.

The Westbrook Police Department put up a post on social media on Sunday about an old headstone found in the middle of a road.

Headstone found on random Maine road

According to the Facebook post, the headstone was found on Methodist Road, a more rural road of Westbrook that becomes Bridge Street but connects with Route 302 and Cumberland Street. The road features a less congested living space of Southern Maine with forests lining the road and peaks of rolling meadows throughout.

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The police department states that is a legitimate headstone and was turned into the police department by a person unnamed in the social media post.

Westbrook Maine Police Department via Facebook
Westbrook Maine Police Department via Facebook

They are currently trying to track down where it came from to return it to its rightful place. One lead has placed the headstone as belonging in Yarmouth at the Old Baptist Cemetery, which according to Google Maps is about a half-hour away by car.

Legitimate... and kinda creepy

It's a strange case to find a random headstone in the middle of a road but, this one is especially strange seeing how old this headstone is. The inscription on the gravestone says the following:


Wife of

David Pratt


Jun. 21, 1840.

AE. 59.

How strange to find a 180-year-old headstone in the middle of a road in the spookiest month of the year. Maybe, Mrs. Mary has something for us to uncover? Or maybe, someone was looking to swipe a legit gravestone for their outside Halloween decor. If that's the case, maybe Mrs. Mary will curse them by disturbing her headstone. Oh boy, I'm getting the creeps.

Still tracking down where the headstone goes

The Westbrook Police Department is still looking into the matter and will let the public know how this story concludes when a resolution is found.

If you have any information about this gravestone or maybe a family member associated with this Mrs. Mary, contact the Westbrook Police Department dispatch 207-854-0644 x0 so this headstone can be put back with Mrs. Mary. I imagine that that would be the only way a curse could be lifted ‍♀️

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