A few weeks ago, I wrote about a spot where you could order a wicked awesome Fluffernutter box set you could purchase with a few choice New England novelties in it. Well, I happened upon this wicked decent collection delectable treats on Facebook. Packaged by a company called Box Of Maine, it contains everything you would want if you were a Mainer that was forced to move away from our beautiful home state.

When you go to the Box Of Maine website, you can choose 5, 7, or 10 items to go in a box that are all Maine themed. So every box is a little bit different. For that matter, you could order more than one over time, and begin to develop a cool collection. If you're a displaced Mainer, I couldn't think of many things that would make you much happier. Other than being sealed up in a bigger box and being shipped back to Maine.

The list of items to choose from is nothing short of amazing. It's not remotely just food items. you could get an Uncle Henry's catalog, or some Tom's of Maine soap. There's Maine themed decals, scented candles, even refrigerator magnets. It's chock full of Maine staples such as B&M Baked Beans, Moxie, needhams, and whoopie pies. The more I look at the list, the more I want my own box!

You can even have custom box made for a special occasion. Their website details it perfectly:

Have a wedding coming up, and need a memorable gift from Maine for the wedding party? Looking for unique corporate gifts for your clients or employees? We would love to play a role in your special occasion! Everyone that has spent time in Maine has their own unique memories of our state, and we want to box yours! You tell us what you want from The Pine Tree State, and we’ll search high and low to find it to create your perfect box for any occasion.

The Box of Maine folks definitely understand the true meaning of being from Maine, and how to throw that feeling in a box that's a pain in the neck for the mailman to carry. But, luckily, since it's likely going to someone far away from here, your neighbors will just think it's a pair of mittens and a scarf. Which is all the better for you, because then you won't have to share!

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