Thanks for being nice if we chatted at Beats and Eats over the weekend. Glad we got to see Rowdy Yates in person instead of just hearing him on our radios on Saturday night.

Courtesy Lisa Sutherland
Courtesy Lisa Sutherland
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While I appreciated chatting with some of the folks in attendance, about everything from Morning Show Features to favorite artists to whatever, I did notice something that very much surprised me.

A side note first, the weather on Saturday afternoon and early evening was very hot and very humid, even along the Penobscot River.

Extremely hot and humid.

Not sure if the heatwave is why, but I noticed more and more people are drinking hard seltzers instead of beer or light beer especially.

A simple google trends search shows that what I just noticed is indeed fact. Especially on both coasts. The Midwest is a little slower to make the change, but West Coast and East Coast it’s all about hard seltzer.

I should have paid better attention to what hard seltzers people were drinking at Beats and Eats, and less time asking people which food truck they went to, and what they were eating or already eaten.

Google trends says the number one hard seltzer in Maine is Pura Still Spiked Still Water.

Not sure I saw any of that Saturday.

I did see people I’ve met over the past half dozen-plus years, and it’s always great to catch up on their lives.

Courtesy Lisa Sutherland
Courtesy Lisa Sutherland

And always great to hang with Rowdy even though it was a very quick trip for him shortened by a connection cancellation which didn’t get him into Bangor until late Friday night/early Saturday morning and he flew back out early, early on Sunday morning.

Hope those who met Rowdy for the first time, or got to re-visit with him again enjoyed the interaction, as I have no doubt they did.

Love to see your photos.

And we’ll see you next time.

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