Forgive me Bing Crosby, but “I’m dreaming of a Low-Key Christmas”. You’ve heard all the rules. Social Distancing. Masks for all. Should be immediate family only. On and On. Is the cup half full or half empty. Doesn’t mean we have to just give up and not bring a little joy into this difficult year, does it?

Admittedly I read more surveys in a week then most do in a lifetime, but it doesn’t mean I read them to get ideas for ‘how I should think’. More often than not I don’t agree with what I read, and sometimes think that the surveys are put out there to try to sway public opinion, not just report the results of the interviews they conducted.

The headline reads “Half of Maine families are planning a Christmas TV dinner over a more traditional feast, finds survey.”  Really? 50%? That’s very surprising to me. Then I start to think. If it’s only immediate family, it might be more fun to take your meal to the TV tray and watch a movie together. Here’s the survey. I need to find out what's on tv that day.

Four Men Watching a Football Game on Television
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The report also says 89% admit they will spend more money on themselves this Christmas.  Yeah! Good idea.  You deserve it.  Lots also said they were actually looking forward to a more laid back Christmas.  They don’t like pretending to like their gifts, or arguing with family. Ho Ho Ho to you.

This year has been so strange, nobody should be overly concerned with smashing those past traditions. Adapting might be the ‘new normal’

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