A defrocked priest, who was part of the Boston archdiocese scandal of the 1980's, has been convicted of abusing a boy in Maine.

76-year-old Ronald Paquin was convicted on Thursday on 11 of the 24 counts against him. He was accused of bringing boys from Massachusetts to a campground in Kennebunkport, where his two accusers say he repeatedly assaulted them. Both of the alleged victims, who are now grown men, testified in court. The jury, however, only returned with guilty verdicts in relation to one of the accusers.

Paquin was one of the priests involved in the clergy abuse scandal that started in the Boston Archdiocese. Newscenter Maine reports Paquin was featured in the movie 'Spotlight,' that tells the story of how the scandal was discovered and revealed to the public.

The defrocked priest spent more than a decade in a Massachusetts prison for sexually assaulting a boy, and was released in 2015. He was taken into custody in Maine last year.

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