I came across a Facebook post today that truly made me kind of sad. The Town of Guilford posted that they are trying to potentially reunite families with some long, lost loved ones. They currently possess the cremains of five people, that have never been claimed by any family or friends.

It's so sad to me, that these poor folks are destined to go to an unmarked grave in the town's plot, if no one comes forward. It could be that these folks have no living family... Who knows? If no one does come forward, the cremains will be interred just before Memorial Day. Here's a list of the folks they're trying to connect:

Eva D, Batcher - 1977 - Skowhegan area
Benjamin Stanley - 1977 - Skowhegan area
Stewart Macomer - 1979 - Guilford area
Sumner Dyer - 1986 - Guilford area
Dennis Casey - 1986 - Guilford area (Monson)

If you recognize any of these names, or think you might know someone who might recognize them, please get in touch with the town, and see if these people can finally be put to rest properly.



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