In a day and age where everyone seems completely divided on nearly every single issue, it's good to see that current Gov. Janet Mills, and former Gov. Paul LePage can totally agree on one thing: They both have a lead foot.

According to this delightful yarn I was just reading in the Portland Press Herald, both heads of state have had several speeding tickets and other moving violations. I find it refreshing in a way. Most people would want you to believe that because they work for or with the law, that they typically abide by the laws. But these two rapscallions seem to enjoy a nice, brisk drive down the highway.

Gov. Mills takes the top spot though. Since the 70's, she's had 10 speeding tickets. One of them for going 91 mph in a 65 mph zone! Sounds more like she's trying to become Interplanet Janet, the Galaxy Girl! But, not to be left too far behind former Gov. LePage, in the same time frame, has had nine tickets of his own. They were also for similar violations.

The rest of our state's politicians fared much better than these two gas-a-holics. Mills and Collins have had none, and Angus King hasn't had a single infraction since 1987. However, Chellie Pingree got a decent one in 2012 for going 74 mph in a 55. As you can plainly see, your political affiliation doesn't mean squat on the highway. Speeding is a totally bipartisan concept that it would seem every political branch could agree on.

And I'm no angel, so I'm certainly not judging anyone on this list. I've never gotten a ticket, but I did get nabbed doing 92 mph in a 70 mph zone once. That officer must have been in the Christmas spirit that day, but he did politely follow me the rest of the way to Bangor from Newport. You know, just to help me remember what the speed limit was.

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