It was too windy for fishing on Sunday, so we took Gifford and Lola to Swett's Pond, our boy dog's first excursion to the local water hole.

Our sweet puppy is now a year old, and has been growing by leaps and bounds. He's been to the Penobscot River a couple of times, but wasn't sure about swimming. Lola is a water dog, who loves getting wet. But Giff was not convinced that the cold, weird-tasting water was for him.

So on Sunday, we decided to take the dogs to Swett's Pond and see how he handled it. The outcome was hilarious and impressive. No hesitation. No standing on the shore looking nervous. Gifford waded right in and started to swim. And jump. And leap!  He wasn't even phased by the clothesline we attached to him, in case he made a break for the road. I think we'll be going back again, soon!

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