Huge snowdrifts may have kept most of us in the house yesterday but, for our pup Gifford, it was just a huge playground!

Gifford is part Husky, and we've really been seeing it a lot late, and never more than Monday when our yard filled with huge snow drifts. We spent the day inside, watching TV and reading, and dreading the time when we had to go outside. For us, that meant shoveling repeatedly through the day to make sure the dogs could get down the steps and digging out our vehicles.

But Gifford viewed it as a giant Insane Inflatable course. He could jump, leap, and fall without hurting himself. It's all soft and fluffy! So if you get a chance today, be like Gifford and have some fun in the snow. Go for a walk, build a snowman, or maybe just leap into a soft snowbank!

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