Last week US Consumer Food Safety Commission raised concerns about the safety of gas stoves.

And stated they would consider a nationwide ban on the installation of new gas stoves, or new standards to regulate their fumes. Like those giant overhead exhaust vents some homes and most if not all restaurants have.

But that statement got pared down to a ban on gas stoves, period. Talk about the proverbial you know what hitting the fan.

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Social media exploded with ‘they’re coming for your gas stove’ statements.

The interpretation of the statement got so much play on social media that the Consumer Product Safety commission  issued a statement saying they were not looking to ban gas stoves.

The New York Times and numerous others picked up the story. Or half story.

In Maine less than 10% of home kitchens use gas. And if indeed gas stoves emit fumes that are harmful to us, something should be done. Like the exhaust fans the original statement suggested.

But it is a shame when the story gets twisted and people read ‘they are coming for your gas stove headlines which are misleading.

And if gas stoves release nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, and formaldehyde, and fans would help keep that out of our lungs - good. Who would be against that.

Photo by Johnathan Macedo on Unsplash
Photo by Johnathan Macedo on Unsplash

The outcry about gas stoves is not a new one. But in today’s world with instant stories on social media, whatever is written spreads fast.

Whether what is being stated is factual or not and whether the whole story is being told can seem like ‘the boy cried wolf’

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