This Thursday night, the sky is going to be making some quiet history. Sure it's going to be a full moon, but since we're almost done with the year, not only will it be the last full moon of the year, but also the decade! Fittingly, full moons in December are often referred to as the Full Cold Moon.

According to Farmer's Almanac, it's also known as the Long Night's Moon... for pretty obvious reasons. Right now are the longest nights of the year as we head toward the winter solstice. But it's also because the moon will appear waaaayyy up higher than usual, which makes it stay in the sky longer than usual.

As of right now, the weather looks like it will be cooperative, should you decide you want to take a minute to check out such a historical heavenly happening. The forecast calls for a clear day, followed by partly cloudy skies that night.

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