Pine State Automotive Enthusiasts Bangor Car Meets is tomorrow night at Bangor Mall where Sears Automotive used to be located. Enter by the Staples store location, and you will see the cars.

Matt Scott/Gunmetal Studios

Usually, there are hundreds of cars.  And the rainy weather hopefully will be gone, so expect a huge turnout.

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Justin Orrell/Gunmetal Studios

Hats off to Ty Taylor who organizes Bangor Car Meets for not only taking care of all the details of hosting a car show but proving he is a "good guy."  Every Car Meet his group has hosted, they have selected an area charity and given all the car enthusiasts a chance to give back to the community. Cash. Food for the homeless shelter. Items that Bangor Humane Society always needs, and others too.

The charity that you can donate to tomorrow night is Bangor’s Community Garden. Last week a volunteer gardener discovered that someone had vandalized dozens of the plants. It was not the first act of vandalism at the Essex Street location. Just the latest. As you can imagine it is costly to replace the plants and soil and supplies needed that were damaged.

Justin Orrell/Gunmetal Studios

So if you are planning to attend the family-friendly car show event tomorrow night, hopefully, you can find it in your heart to donate a dollar or five to help replace what has been sadly damaged.

Bangor Community Gardeners pay to use the gardens and often donate excess produce to area homeless shelters.

Courtesy Ty Taylor

Bangor Car Meet is from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Friday and not only will you see some beautiful autos, but you’ll see some beautiful people who are giving back to the community.

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