Ok, I'm being a bit silly. You gotta buy the house too.

Well, sort of. If you just wanted to buy the church, there's a separate price for that. But why wouldn't you just go all in? The first thing that pops in my mind is what a cool business opportunity this could be for someone. House you could live in. You couldn't ask for a shorter commute. Just sayin'... But the fact is, you could bundle them both, together, right now.

The Congregational Church in Hampden almost predates Maine.

Well, it's followers actually do. The congregation of the church was formed in 1817, and they finally built themselves a home in 1835. Back in the before times, the congregation used to meet at the old Hampden Academy building, which has its own long and storied past. That is now the Hampden Community Center, hosting all sorts of things within its walls.

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But these days, presumably because smaller churches like this one are becoming harder to maintain, as far as numbers in the seats. This is a growing problem everywhere. Remember when Grace Methodist finally shut down and sold in Bangor a few years back? It would seem that's what may be at play here. But right now, you have an opportunity to own a national historic landmark, and piece of Hampden history.

Right now, you could purchase the church and its parsonage in a package deal.

Of course, the headline is being a bit funny. You can totally buy these two properties together, or you could make separate purchases if you had no use for both spots. But if someone were looking for a sweet deal that could provide them a new home, and potentially as a spot for a new business, there's some serious mojo here. It's listed together by William Graham from Berkshire Hathaway, or you could just buy the church.

Belfast had an old church turned restaurant at one point, I believe. Portland did too. So that's one proven idea that works. Not to mention, it already has a commercial stove right on site. This could all easily be transformed into a very special place with a one-of-kind atmosphere. But that's just one idea of something that buildings could be used for.

Is this spot just waiting for you?

Let's have a peek inside both these properties...

Buy a Church and a House Together

Just think of the possibilities...

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