First and foremost, when I got out of bed this morning, it was only about 9 degrees. So the thought of being able to put something down on the old keyboard that had to do with summer, seemed like a really great idea. And then it occurred to me, that the information I'm about to share with you, doesn't necessarily affect you directly, but I haven't had enough coffee yet, so let's do this!!!

ATV Maine had a couple of important announcements on their Facebook page. First, that the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife has released the 2019 rules and regulations for ATV and snowmobile riding. You find that right here at their website. And way more exciting is the announcement of the dates for Maine Free ATV Weekend.

Much like the free fishing weekends Maine offers a couple times a year, free ATV weekend allows folks from out of state to come and enjoy Maine's trails provided their ATV is properly registered in the home state or province. This will be August 16th - 19th. So basically, your friends from New Hampshah or Moncton can come and hit the dusty trails with you this summer with no fear of penalty.

So, there's your warm thought for the day. Oh, but hey, now it's up to 15 degrees! Downright tropical, bub!!!

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