The Friends of Fort Knox announced they plan to open the historic fort and bridge tower observatory for school vacation in April.

Amanda McDonald, Townsquare Media
Amanda McDonald, Townsquare Media

The gates to the grounds of the park are open through the winter during daylight, but the heart of the fort has been closed up tight. April 17th the heavy iron gates in the sally port will be opened for school vacation.

The tallest bridge observatory in the country will also open to the public during this time offering a rare chance to see Prospect, Bucksport, Verona Island and more of the surrounding area without leaf coverage. The observatory is fully accessible to all with a very fast elevator ride 420 feet into the sky.

The fort and and observatory will be open April 17th to the 23rd from 9Am to 4Pm. This may change depending on weather as significant snow or ice could make the park less safe.

Regular admission will apply and has changed a bit from last year. To see more information on the fort and this year's pricing click here.

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