"I think we just created a situation where war is more likely than before."

It's a chilling statement that doesn't come from a politician or political pundit, rather a man who worked as a member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, and served this country by providing information for the CIA.

His pen name is Reza Kahlili, and he says the weekend deal struck in Geneva with Iran is not wise, and citizens of this country need to recognize the deception used by the Iranian regime.

Kahlili says current sanctions have already pushed the regime to the brink of economic collapse, which is what they fear, because there's a strong resistance among the Iranian people looking to rise up against the strict rule of the mullahs.

Kahlili believes the best way to obtain peace in the Middle East is to support the opposition in Iran to help them overthrow the regime, and he has warned repeatedly the U.S. should not be fooled by the so-called moderate face of Iranian President Hassan Rowhani.

Senator Susan Collins also expressed her skepticism that the agreement was in America's best interests.

"While I believe that an effective, verifiable diplomatic solution would be the best possible outcome for halting the Iranian pursuit of a nuclear weapon, I have several concerns about the plan as I continue to analyze it," stated Collins.

"The plan doesn't not require the Iranians to suspend enrichment as required by U.N Security Council resolutions. It also apparently does not require the dismantling of centrifuges and does not deal with delivery systems."

Kahlili says Mainers, and the rest of the country, should understand why a nuclear Iran would be so devastating.

Kahlili says the deal with Iran is dangerously naive and reminds the American public  that during the last "freeze" the Iranians agreed to, they used the freedom to increase their uranium enrichment, not slow it down.

Kahlili says people need to get engaged and contact their Congressional representatives to oppose the proposed "deal" and push for even stronger sanctions against Iran.