A former boat captain who admitted taking drugs during a trip that killed two of his crew members is going to prison.

30-year-old Christopher Hutchinson of Cushing pleaded guilty to Seaman's Manslaughter charges for the deaths of 26-year-old Tomas Hammond and 15-year-old Tyler Sawyer. The two were thrown overboard when Hutchinson's lobster boat flipped in big waves in 2014. Their bodies were never found.

Court records state that Hutchinson used alcohol and pot before setting out at 1 a.m., when a storm was predicted. Hutchinson also told investigators that he took oxycodone right before the boat capsized. The crew men were not wearing any sort of safety gear, like survival suits or flotation devices. Hutchinson was found at around 4 o'clock that afternoon in a life raft, also without any safety gear.

A judge has agreed to a plea deal Hutchinson reached with prosecutors, that was first agreed upon in September. The Portland Press Herald reports that Sawyer's mother had objected strongly to the deal, asking for at least two more years to be added to the sentence and that Hutchinson's fishing license be revoked.

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