It's no secret around my house that I hate folding just about anything. Take laundry for example. Most folks keep their clothes neatly folded and in drawers. I keep mine in bins on a rack in the closet. No's just a sweet toss-and-go setup designed specifically for my need to never have to fold a gosh, darn thing.

But, folding colorful paper to make cool objects is another story altogether. Origami is something that totally piques my interest. I suppose mostly because it's small sheets of paper that I will never have to take apart and refold, because origami is art, and who doesn't love art?! Laundry is just an unsatisfying pile of dirty work that I avoid at all costs.

Now you can learn how to avoid laundry too!! The Orono-Hampden-Old Town Adult Ed Partnership is having a Japanese Origami Night, hosted by Shiz Studio. The class will take place on February 27 at Hampden Academy from 6:00p.m. - 8:00p.m., and the cost is just $11.

You will need to supply your own origami paper. but almost any craft store should carry it. If you have trouble finding some, you can call the folks giving the class at 207-862-6422 if you need some help finding the paper.

Now, I understand there is a huge difference between folding cranes, and folding laundry. But I would much rather, under almost any circumstances, pay a few bucks to learn an awesome artistic skill, than to make sure the sleeves of my t-shirts are lined up to keep the wrinkles out. Just don't tell my wife I'm any good at it. Otherwise, that pesky laundry will somehow re-enter the conversation.

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