Before I got into the world of radio, I worked in kitchens for over two decades. Even when I was only a part-timer in radio, I was slogging it out on the line. When I started working for colleges and nursing homes, I had to become certified in food safety. It was a very eye opening experience. I had no idea how much I had to un-learn.

One big thing that the Center for Disease Control has been really trying to get out there recently, is rinsing raw chicken. I get it. Every part of you believes that you're doing the right thing by rinsing chicken under cold water, or whatever, before you cook it. But nooooooo. Don't do it!

The problem is, when you rinse chicken, the contaminated liquid splatters everywhere. Even on the smallest level. People get sick from toxic surfaces more often than they do from under cooked chicken. They splatter gets on countertops and utensils, o0r worse, stays right in the sink. Some folks will rinse the chicken, and not properly sanitize the sink afterwards, and then immediately wash dishes in there!

This section of the CDC's website has all the best safety tips. Everything from proper sanitation to correct temps to cook chicken to, as well as how long it can sit at room temp, and when it should be refrigerated. Basic food safety doesn't require a lot of thought or attention, but maybe the willingness to do things a bit differently than you were taught growing up.

As we head into Grilling Season 2019, it's just a good thing to keep in mind. You don't want to get sick, or make any of your family and friends sick. So, brush up on some quick food safety. then brush the grill and get cookin'!

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