Fall is around the corner. This scenic route delivers views of an endless sea of foliage, all the way to the Canadian border.

Soon enough fall colors will begin to spread throughout the forests of Maine. Traditionally, the "blossoming" of fall foliage begins in Aroostook county. According to reports from the 2021 Maine Foliage Report, all of The Big County was seeing a 10% color change by September 15. The fall colors are already starting, see below.

Forest Rangers with the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry submit reports of color change and leaf drop in their area to generate a survey.  Typically, Aroostook county reaches peak foliage the last week of September, into the first week of October.

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To take in the vast views of blazing fall foliage in Aroostook county, take a cruise up this scenic byway.

Cruise this Aroostook County Scenic Byway for Endless Foliage Views

One of Maine's northernmost scenic byways is a perfect foliage cruise this fall. The Fish River Scenic Byway follow's a 38 mile stretch of Route 11 in northern Aroostook county. The byway begins in Portage Lake and winds it's way through the densely forested lands to Fort Kent. Along the way you'll see vast valleys of wildflowers, views of scenic Eagle Lake, and one huge hill that offers views of Mt. Katahdin. The trip ends, America's first mile.

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