Guys talk. And guys who love cars, meet and talk. And of course, they talk about cars.  But they also talk about other stuff. Life stuff.

A car group known as Family Ties talked about doing something that a community needed. They want to build a needed playground for kids.

So they are holding a car show. To talk the talk, but also to walk the walk.

Bread of Life Community Church is located at 363 Lindsey Road in Newburgh.

They are looking to build a community playground -- a public, safe playground for all kids. They envision a playground to be handicapped accessible and to include a handicap swing, simply because there is no current playground for local kids.

Family Ties car group is holding a car show there this Sunday, Nov. 7 beginning at 1 PM.

The simple purpose of the meet is to raise funds for the playground.  They have obtained products from local retailers to raffle to raise money and they will hold a 50-50 draw as well.

Courtesy Michael Buzzell
Courtesy Michael Buzzell

On that day the car show group will donate all funds to the cause.  Family Ties group’s Michael Buzzell says

“Family Ties, MMP, Gunmetal Meets, Team Asylum, Cnetral Maine Muscle Cars, Stay Lifted Empire, Gages Auto Care, Blueneck Motor Sports, and Ahearn’s Auto and Salvage have all teamed up to help Bread of Life Community Church in Newburgh build this needed playground”

What a group. Groups.

“Donations will be excepted and of course No burnouts or revving”

Bring your cars, your family, and a few bucks to benefit Newburgh Regional Community Playground. If you can't be there and would like to help, here is the link to the Go Fund Me page.

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