I'm sure reading that headline is kinda like watching someone pour ketchup and mayonnaise on an ice cream sundae. Trying to get people to exercise outside of work is already borderline impossible sometimes. But really, who has time to got to the gym? Well, a lot of people. Which is why I prefer to do about half my workout, right here at work.

The biggest thing you have to deal with is that someone might see you. I'm waiting for the day that someone walks into the studio while I'm doing my on-air shift, only to find me down on the floor cranking out push-ups. I also constantly walk around the studio for my whole time in there. It adds up to an average of about 2000 steps a day. That ain't bad!

Now, you may not have the luxury of working in an office where you get to spend half your workday in a room by yourself. So I took to the internet to find some decent things you could do right in the office that may get you a funny look, and you might forever be known as the health nut in the office, but you could be called worse. Besides the only person that will make excessive fun of you is old Donny Donut, who's never gonna work out much anyway.

These days, there are dozens of things they tell you about sitting down too much, standing on your feet too long, breathing in dank office air all day, etc. In an effort to supplement my own exercise routine at work, I was checking out this article on WebMD.com to get some safe new ideas. I've given just a few here that could give you a fairly well rounded office workout.

And remember, always consult your health professional before starting any kind of workout!

Jumping Jacks

You can easily whip out a minute's worth of these at a time without causing too much staring. If you look at a minute's worth as a set and shoot for multiple sets a day, you'll be golden. Just watch out for low-hanging banners or lights. I've taken a few out in my day.

Chair Lifts

Wanna work that upper body? Grab the sides of your chair and lift yourself up off the chair and lower yourself back down. You'll quickly discover how weak and rubber your little T-Rex arms are. Do several sets a day to work your arms and shoulders and FEEL THE BURN!!!

One Legged Squats

Just grab the desk, or the wall to stay stable, then do some quick and easy squats waiting for the phone to ring, or in the bathroom waiting for a stall to open up. Then if anyone does see you, they'll just think your dancing impatiently while waiting your turn.

Chair Yoga

This seems like a no-brainer. Any chance you can take during the day to stretch is wicked important. Stretching is key to survival in any office environment. Just turn your head to the left, and your torso to the right, and hold it there a few seconds. Then do the opposite direction and repeat several times.

Lunch Walks

I mean, duh. this is the easiest of all. And, it totally gets you out of the building. plus tons of research is available online about the literally hundreds of reasons why getting out and walking on your lunch break is good for you. Mentally, and physically.

These are just a small fraction of the countless things you can do to get a little exercise at work. Plus, you're already streaming the radio at work, so you've got tons of rhythmic motivation to make you wanna get up and move. So start shaking your money-maker where you make your money, and feel slightly less guilty about missing the gym today.

And tomorrow too!

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