I chatted recently with a doctor from Northern Light Health, who explained what Lyme Disease is, the symptoms to watch for, and what treatments are available.

I've barely started talking about ticks today, and I'm already itching. We live in the woods in Orrington and have always had dogs, so ticks are nothing new. Several people I know have dealt with Lyme Disease and I've heard enough about their struggles to know that I never want to get it. But, living where I do, it's entirely possible that I will. I believe the best defense is information, so I went looking for an expert.

Enter Dr. Kristopher O'Connell of Northern Light Health. May is National Lyme Disease Awareness Month, so I chatted with Dr. O'Connell, who knows more about Lyme than anyone I've ever met. During our interview, he covered everything from where the disease originated, to early symptoms, and long-term effects, treatments and preventions.


There's a lot of information here, but one of my biggest takeaways is how long a tick has to be attached before a person is infected. It will make you feel better about your chances, especially if you check regularly for ticks. Or, if you want to be really thorough, let a friend do your tick checks. A really, really good friend.

Find even more information on the website for the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

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