So this interesting thing happens from time to time here in the studio. I get these weird prank phone calls from a website called and it's like the fifth time it's happened. I'm pretty sure it's someone trying to punk me directly, because my other co-workers have never said much about getting prank calls in the studio.

Today it was all about a lost cat. Twice. Same call twice in a row, about five minutes apart. In the past, it's been a sexy sounding lady propositioning me for a threesome, another time it was saying my car had been stolen, plus a couple others I can't remember. The funniest part for me though, is that it's so obviously fake.

The "acting" is horrible. And, you know it's fake because who calls a balding, middle aged DJ at a radio station in Bangor to set up a hot threesome? Plus, when I'm not at work, I'm a drummer. So no threesomes there either. That's ok anyway because I have ADD. That sounds like a recipe for disaster.

All I can say, is someone is having a really good time sending me these weird prank calls. Honestly, they're kind of entertaining, also it breaks up the afternoon and gives me a good chuckle. So maybe the joke's on you Mystery Pranker. You're making my day funnier, and I for one, appreciate the laugh.

Oh, now we're up to three!

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